Ecommerce for Everyone

Passion. Passion, action and the right tools and people can turn dreams into reality. Hard work goes a long way too, though that's a less sexy intro. Truly, all are required for success. I see successful entrepreneurial brands solving problems for and relating to their audience in ways that benefit both the customer and the brand. Learning what's unique about what a brand offers and understanding how potential customers best engage online with brands and spend, makes the market a better place for everyone; especially the little guy/gal. The powerful analytics and automated software that share these insights are becoming more readily available to small startups as well as large scale brands. For any brand, adjusting to what suits your customers isn't always easy or quick- but it is rewarding! The future of ecommerce is that it will used by everyone: Vendor to Consumer (B2C) but also business to business (B2B). The landscape and ecosystem of ecommerce is fast changing but if you have an authentic drive, ask the right questions and have access to the right tools - I believe anything is possible.

I'm really proud of the work that went into building but know my work is never done! My vision of offering art direct from the artist (me) in a website gallery with the relaxed feel of a marketplace shopping experience, at really reasonable prices (that include US & CAD shipping), is well underway. You know what would help? You! I would love to hear from you! Please take a moment to answer 4-5 easy questions. Just click here! They will help me know you and your art preferences a little better, and that will improve the website.

Thanks for reading and sharing my journey and don't forget to enjoy a breath of fresh air at



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