I've always loved photography and creating art. When I was younger I was shy to share my art works publicly. Instead of pursuing an artistic career, I chose business as 1+1=2. I didn't need audience approval as the numbers and logic supporting successful business are clear. Plus, I'm good at it. But always, my artist side tugged to be set free. I've overcome my reservations and have decided to go for it! I've found a way to share my art, my passion, in this website. I'm hoping moments that inspired the photography and edits resonate with you too. Photos are taken at home in BC, Canada and also while travelling. 

In celebration of my artistic freedom, 10% of all proceeds from this site will be donated to Access Knowledge Africa. They are a non-profit charity that runs computer labs in Uganda; making the tools for computer literacy and tutoring for professional learning accessible to all. They are recently venturing into library donations, which make kits of quality books available to remote villages. This group was established by my brother and sister-in-law and I'm very proud of the work they are doing. 

Learn more about Access Knowledge Africa here:  


Thanks for your interest and support, 

Anieta of Anieta Breathe